Totally Awesome Team

Totally Awesome Team

This week we had to make a video for our coaches about our team and business and it made me realize how fortunate we are to have great people working with us. The best part is they are all here waiting to put their talents and experience to work for you. If you haven’t talked to all of them yet, let me introduce them

Holly assists Melissa with all the paperwork and non-negotiation calls to the bank, plus assisting everyone else in our office. When you first come to our office, she will be the friendly person out in front to greet you. She is a “machine” processing all the paperwork we have to collect and submit to lenders so the negotiations can proceed. She does all the behind the scene stuff that is only noticed when she isn’t here to do it.

Emily (aka Mom) is a more visible part of our team taking most of the incoming calls from distressed sellers facing Michigan foreclosures and helping them sort out their options. Emily will tell it to you straight in an empathetic fashion. She has seen her share of hardships in life and is not kidding when she tells you she knows what you are going through. I don’t believe you could find a more understanding person to help you figure out what to do when you are facing foreclosure.

Melissa is the one persistently calling lender after lender, negotiating all of the short sales and settlements. She is the one who sits on the phone, talks to unfriendly customer service people (sometimes who are in a foreign country), takes abuse from unsympathetic lenders and 85% of the time, succeeds in her quest to resolve a sellers situation. Not many people would be willing to dig in their hills and keep picking up the phone time and time again like she does.

Joel solves all the unusual problems that come up along the way. He is also the one out talking to attorneys, title companies, buyer lenders, REALTORS® and the rest of our extended team that help us help distressed sellers. Joel also is our main link to other companies around the nation helping distressed sellers. Joel does not hesitate to ask others for advice if we come up against something new.

Me, well I am dealing with the REALTORS® daily to help get the houses sold. This involves educating them, filling out their paperwork, making suggestions on their marketing and updating them on our progress. If you ever worked with a REALTOR® buying/selling a house, multiply this by about 50 and you will know what my day is like.

All of these people come together daily to help you. We are passionate about what we do and the people we help. If you are facing a Michigan foreclosure, give us a call and let us put our experience and talents to work for you.


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