Tough Times Ahead, Exit Now!

Tough Times Ahead, Exit Now!

Yesterday I was cruising north on I-131 and just as I got to Grand Rapids, the traffic began to slow down for no apparent reason. Soon, we were barely going over 35 mph. I never did see what caused the slow down and fortunately, in a couple miles I was cruising at 70 mph again. However, on the way home, I saw the northbound traffic completely stopped this time because of an accident. As I headed south and saw all the unaware northbound drivers heading toward the tie up, I wanted to hold up a sign saying “Get off at the exit, avoid the congestion ahead!”

Of course, since I am always thinking about how we can help more sellers facing a Michigan foreclosure, this reminded me of many sellers’ situation. Many people are cruising through life minding their own business when they hit a slowdown in income. Usually the reason is obvious such as hours being cut at work, business failing or a divorce, disability or a death. All leaving them with less income than they need to make ends meet. In these situations, sellers often crawl along making ends meet and hoping things will improve soon. Sometimes they do improve and the they can comfortably make the house payments again. However, many times, the seller ends up stuck and wondering what to do when their reserves run out or the income totally stops.

While we cannot forewarn you of these upcoming income obstacles, we can help you navigate through them. We have helped hundreds of sellers who can no longer afford the house payment and just want out from under the burden of the mortgage payment. We know who to contact at their lender, what to send them and what to say and do to get the lender to agree to let the house sell for less than what is owed. We are successful about 85% of the time in helping a homeowner get on a clear road to a better future. Give us a call and discuss your situation with us. We will charge you nothing and keep all your information confidential. We can tell you what pitfalls are ahead, how to avoid them and best of all, help you get moving toward better days.


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