Trying To Sell? You’re Not Crazy

When you tell people you’re trying to sell your house, do they act like you’re crazy? I constantly hear people say “You’re never going to sell in this economy” or “You’re never going to get what your house is worth.” Both of these statements can be very untrue.

First, let’s look at reasons why people are selling right now. While some people are able to “ride out” the housing crisis in hopes that their equity will soon return, others are not so fortunate. You may have taken a pay-cut, or lost your job altogether which has left you unable to pay your bills. You may have had a death or illness in the family. You may have been forced to relocate for work or for other reasons and cannot afford to pay for two residences. All of these are hardships, which can make selling the house difficult – but we can help.

The reason that most people cannot sell their houses is that they need to price it high to pay off their mortgage (and in many cases, their second mortgage equity loans). This debt is often more than the house is worth, and people are unwilling to pay that inflated price. This is where a short sale can come in very handy. With a short sale, we will negotiate with the bank to accept an amount that’s less than what you own. Buyers are much more willing to pay the amount that a house is worth, and with the extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit, buyers are getting more motivated. This greatly increases your chances of selling! Heck, half of our cases have buyers already!

Now, we know that people are having a hard time right now. Michigan foreclosure and unemployment rates are astronomical. We can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders, though. You do not have to negotiate a short sale with your bank yourself – we do it for you! We can even set you up with an experienced REALTOR®, all at absolutely no cost to you. We want to help you, and we’re good at what we do. If you’re facing a Michigan foreclosure, and could benefit by doing a short sale, give Emily a call.


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