Unspoken Promises

Unspoken Promises

Regular Readers of our blogs hopefully know by now that we always make 4 promises when helping sellers who are facing a Michigan Foreclosure.

  • We will never ask you for money.
  • We will never put you in a situation that is worse than you are currently in.
  • We will always keep all of your information 100% confidential.
  • We will always work harder than anybody, doing whatever we can, to permanently stop your foreclosure situation

Recently, I have talked to several distressed sellers who were not only financially distressed because they were not able to make their house payment, and also mentally & emotionally distressed because they had been cheated and mistreated by someone claiming to be able to help them. Usually the stories are similar. Someone makes the seller a big promise to negotiate with their bank, money is paid by them for the promise of services (note: it may be illegal for someone to take money prior to performing a service, be sure to read our blog on MARS), then the negotiator disappears or stops communicating and the seller has no clue what is going on. These stories always make me mad because:
1. The distressed seller was taken advantage of and put in a worse situation
2. People (like us) who offer a legitimate benefit to help sellers have to work harder to prove we are trustworthy and not out to hurt anyone.

In a perfect world, we shouldn’t have to promise the following because these should be unspoken promises that are expected from a legitimate company. However, I am proud and glad that we can make these promises and so I think it is time to no longer keep them “unspoken”

  • We will return your phone calls and emails and not “disappear” on you.
  • We will communicate & keep you updated on what is going on as we negotiate with your bank
  • We will keep current on Michigan foreclosure laws and keep aware of potential and actual changes (however, we are not attorney’s and you should always consult one if you need legal advice)
  • We will not ask you for any money upfront or during the process (actually we already promise this but this is such a huge problem out there that I thought I would repeat it).

If you are behind on your house payments and facing a Michigan Foreclosure, turn to us to get information, discuss options and define your goals. We are a Michigan-based company that has been helping distressed sellers since 2002 and we are glad to help you. We will not make any “pie in the sky” promises, spoken or unspoken, that we cannot keep. Let us help you get back to better times.


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