Wanting It All? Need A Reality Check?

Wanting It All? Need A Reality Check?

As I was talking to sellers facing a Michigan foreclosure this week, I realized that one of the toughest realizations a distressed seller needs to come to grips with is that they cannot have it all.

Just like you can’t eat everything you want and expect to maintain a healthy weight. Or go out drinking all night and expect to feel like you can run a marathon the next day. In the same way, if you have had a financial hardship which has caused you to get behind on your house payments, you cannot expect to stay in the house for long without the bank taking some action.

People seem surprised when the bank refuses to work with them or begins the Michigan foreclosure process. This is going to happen. After all they are losing money and looking for a solution to their problem. People seem surprised when they call the bank to work something out and they get transferred around, have to wait for long period of times, or even send in paperwork that gets lost. This is a reality of the large financial institution you are dealing with. They have hundreds of thousands of distressed sellers to deal with. It is not going to be like calling to ask your local bank how much money is in your account where you can get an immediate and clear answer (wouldn’t THAT be nice)!

Fortunately, while we cannot help you to “have your cake and eat it too” we can help you navigate the financial maze toward a solution. Give us a call and tell Emily “I need a reality check” and let her help you realize what you can have. You can salvage your credit. You can get a fresh start. You can find a solution without paying any fees or getting yourself into a worse situation. Call Emily and find out how not wanting it all actually brings peace of mind and a fresh start.


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