We Help Realtors® Win Too

By now you know that one of the things we do is work with your bank to negotiate a discount (aka short sale) so your house can sell and you can get back better times as fast as possible (and also avoid a Michigan foreclosure).

There is a part of this equation that we don’t talk about much on this blog and that is the Realtor®.

Most Realtors® do not know how to successfully negotiate a short sale. They might think they do, but they don’t. We know because Joel has State-approved course that teaches them how to do it. Of course after only 3 hours of training, they’ve got far to go to become affective. They simply fall into the many traps that are out there for the inexperienced.

Did you know that we have 3 ways we work with a Realtors®?

If you have your house listed, have your Realtor give us a call to see how we can help. However, if the Realtor® has already messed things up with the bank, we won’t take your case on so the sooner we talk to him/her the better.

Here is a testimonial we received from a Realtor® after a recent closing. I thought it was important for you to know that the Realtor® wins in their interactions with us just like you do.

“I had very limited success with short sales and had decided not to list them anymore. Then some of my friends found themselves in a foreclosure situation. They were despondent and ready to give up, so I reluctantly agreed to list their home. After several months of getting nowhere with the bank, I hooked up with Great Lakes Home Solutions.

Within days they had negotiated terms with the first and second mortgage banks and had a green light to sell the home at a very reasonable price. I ended up bringing the buyer in and we closed within one month of sending my buyer’s offer to them.

Free of the home that they could not afford, and with a statement showing zero debt owed to the bank, the sellers have gone from depressed to excited about the future.

Everyone on the team is very professional and they show genuine concern for the people they work with. They are a true pleasure to deal with and have filled a gap in my real estate career by enabling me to deal effectively with short sale clients. I now look forward to short sale listings!”

Curt Hausser, Appleland Realty


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