Whatever It Takes

I’ve always believed in going the extra mile for the homeowners that we work with facing foreclosure in Michigan.  But last week, I even think I went above the call of duty.

In our efforts to help someone we needed to take interior pictures of a vacant house. The only problem was the house was so infested with fleas that no one, including the Realtor®, wanted to enter the property. Against my better fashion sense, I donned a “bunny suit” (a full length, disposable coverall, complete with hood and booties) and headed inside with my camera.


We’re always here to help, and as we’ve show, we’ll go way beyond what anyone else will do to help you stop your Michigan foreclosure.


Editor’s Note (that would be Joel): Not only did she go above and beyond, this was for a case that we decide we could not take on (long story – but not because of the fleas). Plus she let me publish this picture! Click on the image for full size (and 100% entertainment!)

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