When the going gets tough…..

…..the tough get going!

“Foreclosure” is a scary word, especially if you’re not aware of the impact it can have on your life in the future. Having foreclosure on your credit history can and WILL prevent you from getting any kind of loan for years to come! It is of the utmost importance to you and your family that you avoid a Michigan foreclosure at all costs.

Every week we mail letters to people going into foreclosure througout Michigan. Every week they call us to see if we can help them. It’s frustrating for us to realize that most of the people we write to won’t respond, either because they feel they have no choice in the matter, they’ve given up or they think the letters are a scam of some kind. Don’t give up; you DO have choices. The letters are no scam; they are a glimmer of hope for your future, an invitation to find out if we can help you, at no cost to you, EVER! We urge you to be tough, fight this unfortunate situation. Call us to see what can be done to protect your future.


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