Where Are Michiganders Moving To?

Where Are Michiganders Moving To?

This is possibly one of the coolest websites I’ve seen regarding relocation.

Now I’ve known that people were leaving Michigan, but I never knew where they were going, until now. I’m assuming that most are leaving for employment; especially since Michigan has such a high unemployment rate right now.

The question I have is, what are these people doing with their houses when they move? A few may be able to still afford their payment on their Michigan house and/or want to keep it and that is great. My guess is that most houses are going back to the banks because the family can no longer afford to make the house payment, especially if they are now making a house payment somewhere else.

That is unless we’re able to step in and help the family with a short sale (negotiation with their lender to accept less than what is owed) and providing a cash offer. I’m sure they’d much rather have the home sold than foreclosed upon. If you or someone you know is behind on their house payment, owe more than the house is worth and are facing a Michigan foreclosure, give us a call. We will not put you in a worse situation and there is never a fee.


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