Who Makes The Best Clean-Up Crew for the Michigan Foreclosure Crises?

Who Makes The Best Clean-Up Crew for the Michigan Foreclosure Crises?

Some of you will have heard of the famous (or infamous, whichever way your social or political opinions lean) documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore. His most recent film is about of the state of the US economy; it’s called Capitalism: A Love Story. Now, please understand, I’m not particularly political, and I’m certainly not espousing his views. In this blog, I’m simply commenting on a part early in the film that could easily be misconstrued.

Michael Moore interviews a real estate agent in the state of Florida who buys foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar – he is unspecific about the method he uses to purchase these homes – he refers to himself and people in his line of work as “vultures”. He even went so far as to name his business after the bird of prey.

The word “vulture” evokes less than ideal images in the minds of most people. In relation to a person or business, it makes us think of greediness, corruption, and unscrupulousness. Being in the foreclosure and short sale end of the real estate profession myself, I’ll admit, the metaphor made me uncomfortable and defensive.

Instead of vultures, I think investors are the clean-up crew. One might argue in a certain light, the two might be seen as synonyms, but I would say they are here not to prey on the unfortunate but to help clean up the mess caused by irresponsible lending, bad loans, and a whole myriad of factors that caused the economy to be what it is today. They’re not here because they want to profit from anyone’s hardship; they simply saw a need and strive daily to meet that need.

If you are one of the many homeowners who has this need because you are facing a Michigan Foreclosures, don’t hesitate to call us and we’d be happy to try to help you get things “cleaned up” so you can move on.


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