“Why are you guys so good?”

One of the questions we get very frequently is “Why do you guys complete about 70%-80% of your short sales successfully while the national average for Realtors® is only 10%?”

This is a great question, and there are several reasons.

1) All we do are short sales. It’s a specialty which requires a specific set of skills. Try this analogy: When you go to see your family doctor, he’s a “generalist”. He can handle many things that could be wrong with you (broken bones, high blood pressure, the flu, etc.) But if you need brain surgery, you expect him to send you to a specialist.

Most Realtors® are also generalists. They are great at what they do if you fit into a “normal” real estate transaction. Of course short sales are far from “normal”. Obviously, you need a specialist!

Many Realtors® come to my State of Michigan approved course specifically for Realtors® so they can learn from me. The families we work with have decided to have the experienced instructor on their team and not the student.

2) We can’t do what we do without Realtors® though. We team up with the best of the best. They know how to get houses sold in this market, in any condition. Plus we’ve trained them to work within our proven system. Learn more about our team of Realtors® here.

3) We take complete control of the entire transaction! This my make you uncomfortable, which is normal. After you meet our team, I doubt you’ll still feel this way and you’ll likely be very glad we’ve taken control so we can get you out of this nasty position you are in. One of the main reasons shot sales fail is because the unknowledgeable Realtor® or the seller says the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. We take complete control in an attempt to prevent that from happening.

4) We have inside contacts at most major lenders who put our transactions on the fast track for approval.

5) We’ve invested over $47,000 on training, education, legal & accounting advice over the last 3 years. Let that investment pay off for you by getting us on your team.


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