Why Put Off the Inevitable?

I tend to put unpleasant things off. I know that isn’t so unusual – who likes to go to the doctor, or do their taxes, or have a root canal, etc? But we all know that putting things off isn’t always the best thing to do. Take the new Michigan foreclosure laws. Now I am not an attorney, and I haven’t read all the points of the new law but my understanding is that lenders are now required to give borrowers 90 days to attempt a work out if the borrower meets certain criteria.

Is this better?

Sure, if you are facing a Michigan Foreclosure and your hardship is over and you have a chance to successfully do a Work Out.
If your hardship isn’t over and especially if you don’t have income, you will not be able to successfully do a Work Out. Remember the old saying that doing the same thing, the same way, over and over will not lead to different results.

Why put off the inevitable foreclosure? Let’s use those extra 90 days to successfully complete a short sale. Call us today and let us help you get back to better times faster.


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