Why We Are Like The 80’s Cartoon Voltron

I would like you all to close your eyes while I take you on a magical journey. The year is 1985 – you’re 6 years old (probably not but just go with it). It’s Saturday morning and you’re all warm and cozy in your He-Man jammies. You have a giant bowl of sugar-laden cereal in front of you. Your sister is still sleeping, and the TV is all yours. Life is good. You flip on the tube and lo and behold, your favorite cartoon is on – Voltron!



“All right, Holly, what does this have to do with Short Sales?” you ask. Everything! For we, your trusty Great Lakes Home Solutions staff, fly robot lions and fight crime. Okay, not exactly, (except for maybe Joel – not sure what his plane looks like) but individually we have unique powers. Joel has super human problem solving powers. Ann has the uncanny ability to coordinate with REALTORS® on a daily basis. Emily has magical people powers. Melissa has top secret negotiation powers. And I have the most magical superpower of all – the power to process loads of boring paperwork without losing my mind. (Just kidding about it being the best superpower!) Now, all of these are great powers to have, and alone we are strong, but together is where we really shine! With our powers combined, we become GLHS-TRON, a giant, powerful, bank-crushing, people-helping, REALTOR®-organizing, phone-calling, paper-pushing, negotiation machine!

Okay, so maybe I’m stretching the truth a little bit, but the idea of it is true. Alone, we are skilled in different areas. Together, we get short sales done for families like yours. Do you have a hardship? Have you realized that you can no longer afford to keep the house? Do you want to avoid foreclosure? We can help. Give Emily a call at 269-685-5921. She’ll fly her lion jet right over and assess your situation.


p.s. From Joel – Holly is also the most creative of all of us (as you can tell from all of her Blogs!) – what an awesome addition she’s been to our team!

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