Why We Go To Short Sale Mastermind Meetings

Why We Go To Short Sale Mastermind Meetings

Joel and I just got back from a meeting with one of our mastermind groups. We belong to several so that we can stay on top of changes in the real estate industry, as well as learn new techniques for negotiating short sales with lenders and ways to improve our processes. All this allows us to better serve our sellers who are facing a Michigan Foreclosure.

This mastermind group consists of people from Georgia to Arizona, Minnesota to Florida who have similar businesses to ours. They all agreed that the banks are willing to negotiate on homeowner’s debt more than ever. All the signs point to the foreclosure problem getting worse before it gets better. Most lenders are adding staff to deal with the volume of houses in default. We came away from this meeting with some valuable new insights and tools to give us more alternatives to help sellers in distress.

I tell you all this to assure you that our team is not just sitting around doing the same thing today that we did a year ago. We are educating ourselves & changing with the environment, refining processes and streamlining to better help the sellers who have hardships and are now facing a Michigan foreclosure. We know you have enough to deal with and don’t have time to stay current on what the lenders are doing and requiring today. To put our knowledge and experience to work for you, give Emily a call now. Remember there is never a fee and everything is kept confidential.


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