Why You Should Call Us First

We received a call from a young lady yesterday who owes more than her house is worth. She can’t make the monthly payments anymore. She wants to get out from under this debt and save her credit, so she listed her house with a Realtor®. She was excited when they found a buyer. Then her Realtor told her she can’t sell the house because the lender won’t accept less than what is owed on the house (called a short sale). She was crushed and called us to see what her options are.

What happened? Don’t most lenders accept short sales? (yes, the do). Plain and simple, the Realtor® completely messed up negotiating with the lender. It takes someone who does short sales everyday to know exactly what to say and do to successfully negotiate a short sale with a lender.

Most Realtors® mean well, but they don’t have experience with a wide range of lenders nor do they talk to lenders on a daily basis. Most are good sales people but very poor short sale negotiators (as shown by the dismal 10% national average success rate they have for getting short sales approved).  Learn why we are so good.

We have a dedicated bank negotiator (Melissa the “Bank Bully”) who talks to several lenders a day, every day. She knows how to speak their language & what they need before they ask for it.  Joel (our CEO and “closer”) has his own State of Michigan approved course specifically for Realtors® so they can learn from one of the best there is.  The families we work with have decided to have the experienced instructor on their team and not the student.

Will we be able and step in and clear this up? Depends on what the Realtor®has said, done, and sent to the lender. Moral of the story: If you realize you have to sell and think your lender may need to take a discount on what is owed to get it sold, talk to us first before you talk to the Realtor®. Your house will still be listed with a Realtor®, but one of ours who we’ve trained how to work with us and how to do short sales “the Great Lakes Way”, which yields about a 70-80% success rate.


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