Wish You Were An Ostrich?

Wish You Were An Ostrich?

Have you ever wished you were an ostrich? You know what I mean, when trouble is coming, so you just want to stick your head in the ground and pretend like everything’s perfect?  Well, I can tell you that I have.  I’ve had days where I didn’t even want to walk to my mailbox because I was afraid of what I might find in it.

It turns out, that the fear is usually worse than the actually problem.  Once I built my courage up and headed out to get my mail, I sat down and came up with a plan to fix things.  And that’s exactly what you can do too.  If you know that you can’t make your next Michigan mortgage payment, or that you’ve already missed some, and are facing a Michigan Foreclosures, take control.  Give us a call and we’ll discuss what options you have for solving your foreclosure problems.  Trust me, it won’t be as bad as you’re thinking it would be.


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